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Demo walk-through

While I was creating video tutorials, I thought I’d record a demo, showing some of the capabilities in Reloading Studio’s ecosystem.

While being a solid 15 minute video (reasonably long), I’ve only covered some features and skimmed through others. However, I think this demonstrates core capabilities of the software and how it helps to manage the entire reloading process.

The workflow use case

  • Add a newly purchased rifle to the application’s firearms catalogue and add a firearm maintenance log entry.
  • Add newly purchased factory ammo to the application’s factory ammo catalogue.
  • ‘Shoot’ 50 rounds of factory, by subtracting 50 rounds from available ammo, adding 50 rounds to rifle’s barrel round count, and adding 50 fired-once cases to the application’s case (brass) catalogue.
  • Review availability of other components (primers, projectiles, powder).
  • Build four load development (cartridge development module) recipes.
  • Generate box label report.
  • Generate a full build report.
  • Generate a ladder testing (charge) report.
  • Add performance data to one of the saved recipes, mark a recipe as a favorite and lock a recipe from future edits (i.e. favorite).

Yeah… Not exactly trivial and I probably missed some of steps, but I think you get the idea.

Walk-through demo