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Reloading Studio is a reloading data management software. Fundamentally, it’s here to help you manage data and keep your data safe. As such there are a number of features designed to assist users with all data management needs.

Where is my application data directory?

By default, on Windows, Reloading Studio stores application data in: C:\Users\IEUser\AppData\Roaming\ReloadingStudio

By default, on Mac, Reloading Studio stores application in: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/ReloadingStudio
(USERNAME: your actual login username)

From here on, we’ll refer to this directories as %RELOADINGSTUDIO%

Where is my actual reloading data?

Your reloading data, the database file and images are stored here: %RELOADINGSTUDIO%/userData

Where is my application licence file?

Your software licence file (valid for your computer only) is stored here: %RELOADINGSTUDIO%/KeyFile.cr

Can I change default application data directory?


To change the default application data directory, simply change the ‘Data Directory’ value in the configuration section of the application.

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