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This article keeps track of new features and updates in Reloading Studio.

A lot of releases are intermediate and are not released to the public.
Releases may come with a number of smaller updates, user experience enhancements and bug fixes that are not tracked here.


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  • Public release (5 July 2020).
  • Bug fix: some recipes were prevented from showing in Cartridge Development Group screen.
  • This upgrade is recommended for everyone. 
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  • Public release (26 June 2020).
  • New feature: added global switch (Configuration screen) to disable the ‘available component for loading (Cartridge Development Group)‘ estimate alert.
  • UI fix: ‘component usage report’, e.g. show me what recipe uses this case did not open main menu correctly.
  • Bug fix: generic recipes were not showing under ‘component usage report’, e.g. show me what recipe uses this case.
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  • N/A
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  • Added navigation to open firearm profile directly form recipe screen.
  • Bug fix: ladder test report showing ‘batch name’ in ‘brand name’ field.
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  • Public release (6 June 2020).
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  • Rearranged fields for better user experience.
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  • Changing order of data in component tables (batch to front).
  • Changing order of data in drop down fields (batch to front), in recipe screens.
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  • Added update to powder records when charge data changes within recipe. User no longer needs to reopen powder tab.
  • Removed ‘Primed’ attribute from Add Case screen, for better component estimates.
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  • Added pre-emptively checking for quantity of component, to make sure there are enough components left for the expected amount of cartridges.
  • Added pre-emptively checking for quantity of component, to make sure there are enough components left for the expected amount of shotgun shells.
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  • Added more info/help text to ladder test window.
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  • Added ‘display orphaned records’ (troubleshooting), for easier diagnostics.
  • Updated twist rate field label (more intuitive).
  • The application will automatically mark the powder as ‘opened’, if a recipe selects that powder.
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  • Updated ‘Factory Ammo’ table labels (improve usability and experience).
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  • Added logic for the ladder test report generator (data object creation).
  • Added interface for the ladder test report generator.
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  • Updated context menu (right click) to tabs.
  • Added (left-click) context menu to tabs, to manage closing tabs better (close other tabs, close all tabs).
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  • Added ‘fired in’ to factory ammo record. Upon selection (and ‘open/used selected), record (number of cartridges) will be added to firearm shot counter.
  • Updated UI to provide more intuitive feedback to user when clicking or hovering over the Save button within a recipe record.
  • Updated ‘Fired In’ field in ‘Generic cartridge -> recipe -> performance’ to have consistent user interface to the rest of the application.
  • Changes in application are reflected in other tabs, without the need to close and re-open the tab or the application.
  • Added validation to detect multiple open instances of the application using the same database (e.g. office and workshop machines).
  • Added reset alert button to configuration screen, to remove database sync alert for multiple instances of the same app using the same database.
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  • Updated naming convention for Reloading Studio backup file (user activated backup).
  • Added sorting. Sorting load development groups based on loaded ammo (has or has not loaded ammo within a recipe).
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  • Added more units to ‘distance to chronograph’ menu.
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  • Update – flipped positions of firearm and loading group name in main load development screen (better user experience).
  • Updated label from “batch” to “recipe”.
  • UI update, updated report labels to match application labels.
  • Changed label to ‘Cases’ from ‘Brass’ in batch screen.
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  • Updated label in performance for ‘average’. From Velocity to Average Velocity.
  • Added save button to the bottom of the recipe record, to avoid scrolling to the top.
  • Loaded ammo no longer displays zero-quantity ammo records (i.e. loaded but shot ammo).
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  • Added maintenance log to sighting systems.
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  • Maintenance reminder feature (i.e. new screen).
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  • Added more search attributes to individual component search.
  • Upgrading internal database for future compatibility (Mac).
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  • Added maintenance reminder feature.
  • Added shots fired per firearm.
  • Show component usage report (i.e. where is this component is being used).
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  • Added range card report.
  • Added suppressors to inventory screens.
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  • Added more data input fields to weather records.
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  • Added more unit types to group size fields.
  • Added new attributes for loaded ammo.
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  • UI update – label names.
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  • UI enhancement – text formatting (inventory).
  • Improved ‘check for updates’ feature.
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  • Updated options menu.
  • Added maintenance log feature to firearms.
  • Added propellant quantity tracker feature.
  • Added merged loaded ammo list feature (inventory).
  • Added component quantity tracker feature.
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  • UI improvement (more intuitive).
  • Updated options menu (inventory menu) for better user experience.
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  • Updating installer behavior during upgrade when Reloading Studio is running.
  • Added more configuration options – hide components.
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  • Increasing maximum quantities (integers) across components.
  • Updated software activation process.
  • UI enhancement, shrinking configuration area to use less space.
  • Installer update to exit running application in case it is open during upgrade and avoid a potential data corruption.
  • Added quantity validating for cartridges loaded vs groups shot and shots per group.
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  • Added secondary quantity field for ‘add cases’ and ‘add shotgun hulls’ screen, where users can adjust quantity due to ware/merging batches/etc. without changing original purchased quantity value.
  • Added file attachment widget to ‘Add Powder’ screen.
  • Added file attachment widget to ‘Add Primer’ screen.
  • Added additional decimal place to ‘Add Bullet’ – bullet length data.
  • Updated all quantity fields to be validated as integers.
  • Added additional decimal place to ‘Add Case’ – case length data.
  • Add on-demand backup export and import feature.
  • Auto-populate primer field in cartridge and shotgun shell assembly screens, if case-primer or hull-primer relationship is defined in the ‘cases’ of ‘hull’ screen.
  • Updating ‘close’ behavior for search/drop-down list combo-box.
  • Configuration change in the way application stores user settings.
  • Adding new field (opened on) to Powder screen.
  • Added hide/show specific firearms and associated data in cartridge development menu (from firearm screen).
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