Understanding the Add File field

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This ‘Add File’ field is used by many components and provides functionality to attach an external files to the inventory record (in fact, most records can have a file attachment).

Files can be attached by dragging them directly into the widget or by clicking on the ‘Add File’ button. After a file has been added, Reloading Studio makes a copy of the file in its own working space. The original version of the file remains untouched and is not used by the Reloading Studio.

What files can be attached? Anything!

You may want to attach a digital copy of a manual for some rifle. A photo of your rifles. Rifle accessories. A warranty document or a store receipt. You could attach a photo of bullets, bullet boxes, powder bottle labels, a screenshot of some forum discussion that talks about this specific component. Any file can be attached to enrich your reloading inventory records with detailed and useful information.

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