Understanding save indicators

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This article discusses application ‘feedback’ to user, to indicate that something has changed and requires user to click the save button.

Any changes made within the Reloading Studio app require to be saved. The application does not make use of auto-save feature. This is intentional and designed to prevent accidental data override, when you are unsure about what has changed.

All application screens have a save button in the top right corner of the screen.

Nothing to save

The Save button is disabled when there is nothing to be saved.

Data changed and save feature enabled

The Save button is blue when there are changes that can be saved.

Tab indicator

You will also notice that, as you make changes, the application tab where changes have been made will display an asterisk ‘*’ – indicating that changes have been made and require to be saved.

Note that, the selected tab is ‘New Cartridge Development Group’. However, Reloading Studio is telling us that the other two screens: ‘Plinking all rounders’ and ’44 Plinker’ have changed and require saving, by showing an asterisk ‘*’ near the tab name.

Abandon changes

In the worst case scenario where you may have accidentally changed data and unsure what the changes were, you can abandon all changes by closing (exiting from) the application. On exit you will be reminded that there are unsaved changes – “Don’t Save”. This will exit the application and without saving undesired data/changes.

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