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This article describe available controls in the recipe section of the load development screen.

NOTE: the ‘Batch’ label has been replaced in future versions of the application, with label ‘Recipe’. Terms ‘batch’ and ‘recipe’ are used in this article interchangeably. Both refer to cartridge assembly instructions.


By clicking this icon you will either bookmark (blue) or remove bookmark (grey) from a specific batch.

This is used in combination with a star icon at the top right of the screen (Cartridge Development Group Controls).

When you bookmark a batch and select a Cartridge Development Group ‘star’ icon, the application will hide all other batch records. Alternatively, you can simply bookmark a batch without hiding everything else, to easily identify a favourite cartridge recipe.


The default state (blue) of the Lock feature is unlocked. By clicking the icon, the icon will turn grey and lock the recipe record.

When a batch record is locked it can be viewed, but not edited. By clicking the icon (grey) again – the application will unlock (blue) the recipe record for editing.

Change Recipe Order

Change order that recipe appears on screen.

By clicking the up or down arrows, the recipe record will shift up or down the screen, to change its order in relation to other recipe records.

Open/Expand or close recipe section

By clicking on this arrow icon, recipe section will either expand to show a full detailed view or contract to only show the recipe name.


The Clone (copy) button is a convenience method to save time on data entry. By clicking on the Clone (copy) button, the application will copy an existing recipe and create a similar new recipe with automatically generated name.

After cloning a recipe, you will notice that the recipe name field in the new batch has changed background colour to red. This is done intentionally and is meant to act as a reminder to update the recipe name to something that makes sense to you.

Note that only some data is copied into a new recipe record. This is done for safety reasons to avoid confusion between different performance data. As such, clone feature does not copy performance data into a new (copy) recipe record.

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