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This is where the magic happens. This screen allows users to assemble a cartridge from available components.

NOTE: the ‘Batch’ label has been replaced in future versions of the application, with label ‘Recipe’. Terms ‘batch’ and ‘recipe’ are used in this article interchangeably. Both refer to cartridge assembly instructions.


Recipe name

This field will let you quickly identify a specific load recipe within a group.

Primary components

  • Brass
  • Projectile
  • Primer
  • Powder


This sections need little explanation. It is the primary controls to assemble a cartridge.

View case snapshot

Also see: View case snapshot

Print load recipe report

Also see: View recipe report

Load data

Charge weight

Powder weight used in this cartridge.

Thrower adjustment

A note to describe how to re-adjust your powder thrower if you’d like to comeback to the same charge volume (e.g. “Lee thrower, mark: 3.5”).

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