Minimum Requirements

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Minimum Requirements

This article describe Reloading Studio application minimum requirements.


Reloading Studio supports Mac and Windows and will work the following operating systems:

  • MS Windows 7 and above.
  • Apple OS X 10.12 and above.

However, if you are still driving a horse to work, then it should  actually work on XP and older versions of OS X, however not tested.

Memory and CPU

If you computer runs OS X or Windows – your computer will run Reloading Studio.

Disk Space at Install

At install, the software needs around 100MB of disk space.

Disk Space – Usage

Reloading Studio is a reloading data management application. While it will happily run on machines with OS X and Windows, it is obviously going to use disk space. More data you record, more disk space is going to be used. For example, you’d like to add a 100MB digital copy of your rifle manual to the firearms inventory, then, you will need around 100 MB of additional disk space.

This is something that we cannot predict, however, for typical starting usage it is recommended that you have around 1GB of space to accommodate file attachments for multiple firearms and reloading components (e.g. chronograph files, digital copies of manuals, high resolution photos of your targets, powder and bullet box labels, etc.).

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