Making manual backups

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This article describes how to manually make a backup copy of your Reloading Studio application data.

Reloading Studio is a reloading data management software. Fundamentally, it’s here to help you manage data and keep your data safe. As such it does not prevent you from accessing your data directly. There are automatic backup features built into the application, however if you would like to make a manual backup – the application does not prevent you from doing so.

Manual Backups

You may be using automated backup tools or just want to make a manual copy of your data. Either way, these are the critical files that need to be backed-up within the application data directory:

  • Entire ‘userData’ directory (images directory and ReloadingStudio.db file) (see: Where is my data).
  • Your application licence file: (but we can help you recover this one).


You can also backup automatic application data snapshots:

  • Entire content of the ‘backup’ directory (backup directory is inside your application data directory)


Alternatively, there is no harm in backing up the entire application data directory.

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