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This article describes a number of ways you can copy or clone data records.

Reloading Studio is a data management software. And to make data management simpler it offers a number of features related to copying and cloning data. For example, when you are defining a new batch or a component, that could be derived from something that’s already saved in the application.

Cloning cartridge recipe or cartridge development group will copy all primary/essential information, designed to save you time on data entry. However it will not carry across detailed data such as individual velocities and images. This is intentional to avoid confusion. That is, clone is designed to assist you with deriving new load recipes (e.g. working-up) from old ones, but not to make an exact copy where it is unclear what was tested/shot and what was copied.

Copying recipe records

This feature will enable you to clone a recipe within the same Cartridge Development Group.

See Recipe section controls

The Clone (copy) button is a convenience method to save time on data entry. By clicking on the Clone (copy) button, the application will copy an existing recipe and create a similar new recipe with automatically generated name.

After cloning a recipe, you will notice that the new recipe name field has changed background colour to red. This is done intentionally and is meant act as a reminder to update batch name to something that makes sense to you.

Note that only essential data is copied into a new recipe. This is done for safety reasons to avoid confusion between different performance data.

Copying component records

Similar to ‘recipe’ this feature enables you to copy a component record. For example, when you are re-stocking a specific component and rather than entering all new data manually, you would prefer to copy an existing component and change some values like purchase data and batch name.

After you click the clone button a copy of this component will be made.

Copying Cartridge Development group

Similar to other data replication features above, it’s possible to copy an entire cartridge development group.

After clicking the clone button, you will notice a newly created group with the same data and similar name.

Reloading Studio automatically updates copied names to avoid conflict. However, you are strongly encouraged to update the name to something meaningful.

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