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As you define load recipes, you use components, such as powder, cases, primers, etc. Reloading Studio endeavours to track your usage and present to the user a current view of the inventory.

Of course, components could be damaged and destroyed throughout the reloading process, this is something the application cannot predict, however it endeavours to provide you with an accurate estimate, to see what’s available and in what quantity.

Case/Hull Estimates

This feature is not automated and relies on the user to keep accurate records of hulls and available brass.

In this case, the quantity field represents the original quantity, at the time of purchasing. While “Qty. actual” represents the actual quantity available to load. For example, you may have lost or crushed a case, this field is here to accommodate for this offset.

In the example below, we can assume that 100 case have been purchased and 4 cases (qty. actual = 96) have been disposed, for whatever reason.

This level of detail allows the application to provide accurate estimates in other screens and the user with a detailed historical record of the components.


This table column is automatically adjusted, as you use components in Cartridge Development Screen.

In this example, we can see that we have started with 1kg of propellent and used some in our load recipes. We can also see that the ‘Opened’ field is set to ‘Yes’ and date is defined. These adjustments are automatic and required no user interaction. They are set by the application, when the user accesses the powder for the first time.

Available component for loading (Cartridge Development Group)

Reloading Studio can also estimate if you are going to have enough components to complete your reloading task.

For example, you could (and should) model your base recipe before you start loading.

In this example, we are modelling what we are going to load. We’ve defined, cases, projectiles, primers, powder, charge weight and the quantity of cartridges we are going to load.

Reloading Studio will calculate total usage and once you click save, will alert you, in an event where you may not have enough components in your inventory to complete all 250 cartridges.

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