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This feature enables users to add a Cartridge Development Group (a container to group your cartridge recipes in). For example, it may be that you are loading for a specific event or testing. A Cartridge Development Group (AKA Load Development Group) is a way to link various recipes to a specific group or context.

The first step is to create a Cartridge Development Group.

Image below will be the screen you are looking at. In this case, I have added a rifle with name ‘Hunting 223’.

Step 1: add a new cartridge development group (click the ‘+’ symbol).

Click the ‘+‘ symbol, next to the ‘rifle name’ in the left-side menu.

You will now notice that the application has added a few new components to the main screen:

Almost there…

Step 2: name the group.

First thing we want to do is click the edit icon [01] next to the default group name (New Cartridge Development Group) and give it a new name. Maybe, ‘Testing new Hornady .224 80gr FMJ’. Whatever makes sense to you.

Step 3: save.

Now click the save button [04]. You will see that the group name in the top tab (top centre of the image) and under your rifle has been updated. The group group has been written to the application database and you are now ready to start adding recipes.

Additional Controls

There are a number of other controls (icons) available to you.

  • [02] Lock – you probably don’t need to use this now. However when you are happy with this development group and would like to prevent further editing – click the lock icon. This will lock the group and prevent any future edits, unless you unlock (click lock again) it.
  • [03] ‘Add New Batch’ – this will create a new cartridge batch record inside the group (i.e. where you define the actual cartridge).
  • [05] ’Star’ – when you have many batches and some of them are ‘starred’ (bookmarked), clicking this icon will hide all other batches in the group. And only show those that have been bookmarked.
  • [06] ‘Delete’ – clicking on the ‘Delete’ button will delete the entire group and all data associated with it. This is not directly recoverable. Be careful here.
  • [07] ‘Ladder’ – clicking on the ‘Ladder’ button will enable the user to setup a ladder test for this Cartridge Development Group (see Creating a ladder test).

Ladder Testing

See Creating a ladder test for additional details about creating a ladder testing report.

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