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Barrel shot counter (recipe)

After you the recipe is defined and performance data has been entered, Reloading Studio will add the quantity of shots to your firearm.

In this example, we have defined 250 loaded cartridges and we indicated in the Performance screen, that all 250 cartridges have been shot. At this stage, the application will automatically add 250 ‘shots’ to the barrel of the rifle this recipe is associated with.

Alternatively, if this is a generic recipe, not associated to any firearm, this relationship can be established from the Performance screen for the ‘Generic Cartridge’ () recipe.

Barrel shot counter (factory ammo)

Similarly, to ‘Barrel shot counter (recipe)’ factory ammunition can also be added to barrel shot counter. However, there is no way how much ammo out of a batch (box) has been shot and how much is left over.

Factory ammo is treated as a single unit. For example, after the user selects ‘Fired In’ field, all ammunition in this record will be added the barrel shot counter of that firearm.

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