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Reloading Studio is a reloading data management software. Fundamentally, it’s here to help you manage data and keep your data safe. As such there is an automatic backup feature makes sure that a copy of your data is always available.

Backup Configuration

From the configuration screen, you will notice a setting ‘number of auto-backups’. By default this value is set to 4, but you can change it.

Auto-backup and backup files

Every time you exit the application, Reloading Studio will take a full backup of your entire reloading data set. The load data database, all file attachments and the application licence file.

It will do so four (4) times (the number defined in the configuration screen). This means that the 5th time that you exit the application, backup number 1 will be deleted and replaced with the newest copy of your data.

In an unlikely event of a catastrophic failure, where you need to recover data or software has crashed (we haven’t heard of this happening, but we like to be prepared), these are the files that will recover your data.

If you suspect data errors or accidentally deleted something you weren’t meant to delete – make a copy of these files before you exit the application or immediately after you exited the application. This way you will preserve the backups, before they are overridden, as you investigate your issue.

Also see: Making manual backups.

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