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This screen adds rifles to rifle inventory.

Rifle name (important)

See article: Understanding the Batch field for additional information.

This is a short name you are going to give to your firearm. This name will appear in other screens where Reloading Studio can establish a relationship between a firearm and some other components. For example, when a firearm is linked to a sighting system (e.g. a scope) or ammunition built specifically for this firearm.

The name can be anything, Lucy, George, Bubba the Zombie Slayer. However I suggest giving this record a short, concise and meaningful name that you will immediately recognise on other screens. For example, ‘range-6.5’ or ‘hunting 308’.

Hide in dev

The ‘hide in dev’ feature enables users to catalogue and keep track of available firearms. However, prevent these firearms (with the ‘hide in dev’ feature enabled) from appearing in the recipe development screens. For example, it may be that you would like to track a 22LR firearm or just a gun that you don’t load for, however you don’t want it to appear in the main load development screens. Enabling this feature will hide the firearm from those screens, however, it will still be tracked in firearm inventory screens.

Sighting Systems


The ‘Sighting System’ and ‘Suppressor’ fields, enable you create a relationship between a firearm and a (1) sighting system; and a (2) suppressor, respectively.

If the sighting systems or suppressor doesn’t exist, then you can add it by clicking the “add new…” button next to the field. This will open a new tab with a selected component inventory screen, where you could add a component and then navigate back to your original tab to select and assign it to a firearm.

The application does not prevent you from assigning multiple sighting systems and suppressors to multiple firearms. For all we know, you could be sharing a red dot with quick release leavers. This is something that a user has to manage.

MAX OAL (useful)

While this field is not required, it is useful over the lifetime of your firearm, to track throat erosion.

Maintenance Log

A maintenance log allows users to add a maintenance note against firearms, sighting systems and suppressors. It is used to keep track of maintenance, repair work, etc.

You may also note that some records appear with an asterisk ‘*’ symbol near next to their name.

This is an indication that the firearm is due for maintenance and hasn’t been maintained in X amount of days. Where the ‘X’ days value threshold is defined in the main configuration screen.

After the user has selected a firearm and added a maintenance note, the asterisk symbol (*) will disappear (in this case, for 84 days).



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