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This feature enables users to add/build a generic cartridge, that is not explicitly associated with any specific firearm in the inventory.

After a firearm has been added to an inventory, it appears in the Load Development screen and you can create ammunition associated with that firearm.

From time to time you may want to build generic ammo that’s not associated with any specific firearm (e.g. generic shotgun shells, 9mm, 223, etc.) and  can be used across all firearms in that chambering. Reloading Studio enables you to do this using the ‘generic cartridge’ feature.

Using this feature is almost identical to adding a new cartridge group and a recipe, with a small handful of extra options to tinker with.

Step 1: add generic cartridge record

When you click on the ‘add generic cartridge’ button , a new and undefined ‘firearm’ will appear in the left-side main menu of the cartridge screen.

Step 2: Add cartridge development group

Clicking the ‘+’ sign will open a new screen – New Cartridge Development Group.

Step 3: Assign names

Because this record is not associated with any firearm, we need to manually tell Reloading Studio what firearms these cartridges will be for; and assign it a new cartridge development group name.

After filling in all details and clicking the save button, you will see that the left-side menu has been updated with all of the details.

Step 4: Delete

The only noticeable difference at this stage is the delete function. While deleting a recipe or all recipes is the same as normal ‘add recipe’ workflow, deleting the entire record is a little different.

To delete the entire generic cartridge record, you will need to click on the ‘‘ sign in the corresponding entry on the left-side menu.


Linking generic cartridge to a firearm it was shot in.

To link a generic recipe to a firearm, for example, to maintain barrel shot count, you can establish the link through the Performance data entry screen under the relevant recipe section.

Congratulations! You are done. From here on, the process of working with generic cartridges is identical to adding a new Cartridge Development Group and adding a new recipe.


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