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This screen enables users to add new cases to reloading component inventory.

Quantity and Qty. actual

These fields allow the user to keep track of the originally purchased quantity of cases; and the actual quantity of available brass.

For example, some cases may have been disposed or crushed during the preparation process. These two fields allow users to track the initial (starting or purchased) quantity of brass; and the actual remaining quantity (qty. actual) for this specific batch of brass.

Fired In

This field allows the user to associate a fire formed case to a specific firearm.

Case Length

The average case length can be filled in manually and this is generally a good option for most users, with an error margin added as free form text to the ‘Notes’ field on the same screen . However, the application also supports adding individual case data to the advanced section of this field. Upon doing so, Reloading Studio will automatically calculate and populate the average, as well as minimum length, maximum length and spread values.

After clicking save, the length fields will be updated with auto-calculated values.

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