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This screen adds bullets and other projectiles to your bullets inventory records.

Batch field

See Understanding the Batch field article for more information.

Are these cast bullets?

It may be that you are adding cast projectiles. As such, since you made them, they will not have certain attributes like purchase price, etc. This option adds another layer of detail, to enable you to efficiently track your components.

While your cast projectiles don’t have model and product numbers, it’s very useful to feel this data anyway using the details of the casting mould that you used.


See Advanced feature buttons (add more data) article for more information.

This field can be used manually, to add bullet diamter that is written on the box or on your swaging die. However, you can also also use the advanced section of the field and enter individual data per projectile.

Average weight, Min. weight, Max. weight

Average length, Min. length, Max. length

A lot like ‘diamter’ field, these fields can be set manually. However, adding individual bullet weights to the advanced section of this field will automatically calculate and populate the average, minimum and maximum values.

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