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The configuration screen enables user to administer the Reloading Studio application.

Data Directory

The data directory field is used to configure the underlying directory to store your load data (database and attachments).

A user can change the location of this directory to point to any other location, for example to cloud storage for ongoing synchronisation.

Software update

The Reloading Studio update checks happen on application start-up. The software update button is used to check for updates manually.

Show Tabs

The Show Tabs section configures what firearm tabs are visible in the Load Development Screen.

Show Components

The Show Components features controls what component screens are displayed in the Options screen (i.e. this screen).

Disk ID

The Disk ID value is calculated based on your computer’s hardware IDs and configuration. For all intents and purposes it’s a unique number generated specifically for your computer and used to activate/generate a licence for Reloading Studio on your computer.


These are backups controls used to manage the automatic and manual backups of your load data.

Number of auto-backups.

When the application exists, the application makes a full backup of your load data. The number field indicates the number of backup snapshots that will be taken, before the first snapshot will be overridden.

See Automatic local backups for more information.

Restore data from backup

The ‘Restore data from backup’ feature accepts an application file, generated by the ‘Backup all application data’ feature. This will import your archived backup file and override all existing data in the application.

Restore licence from backup

The ‘Restore licence from backup’ feature accepts an application file, generated by the ‘Backup licence file’ feature. This will import your old application licence.


The ‘Options’ section is used to host a range of miscellaneous features, related to administration of the application.

Maintenance Reminder

The “Maintenance reminder (days)” value indicates when the application will notify you about maintenance for your equipment. For example, after a firearm is added and have been in the inventory long enough (the value defined in the field) without a maintenance note, the application will inform the user that they need to do something.

Rest database synchronisation check

This feature is designed for users who use multiple versions of the application across multiple machines. For example, one on the workshop machine and the other on personal/work computer.

This feature resets the database flag, that indicates to the application (and alerts the user) that there are multiple concurrent versions of the application running at the same time, but using the same database. It is strongly advised not to use multiple applications, using the same database – at the same time.

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