History of rimfire ammunition

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I’ve always wanted to know the history behind rimfire ammunition, I just never could get around to researching it

Since 17HMR rifles are in fashion and in my safe (update: no longer in my safe), I decided to look into it and do a little research, as to why rimfire ammunition exists. I know that rimfire ammunition predates almost everything else, so that made me ask another question, about obsolescence – is there a place for them now? Why do they continue to exist, rather than becoming outdated and insignificant? And why are there multiple types of cases/primers, at least in this context? Definitely an interesting topic.

While looking into it (read: procrastinating on YouTube), I’ve stumbled upon a couple of videos that I found very interesting and educational about ‘centrerfire vs rimfire’; and general all rounder about history of ammunition. I really enjoyed the videos and thought I’d share them here for gun nerds and history buffs alike.

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