Where is my data?

Reloading Studio is a reloading data management software. Fundamentally, it’s here to help you manage data and keep your data safe. As such there are a number of features designed to assist users with all data management needs.

Data directory setting.

Where is my application data directory?

By default, on Windows, Reloading Studio stores application data in: C:\Users\IEUser\AppData\Roaming\ReloadingStudio

By default, on Mac, Reloading Studio stores application in: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/ReloadingStudio
(USERNAME: your actual login username)

From here on, we’ll refer to this directories as %RELOADINGSTUDIO%

Where is my actual reloading data?

Your reloading data, the database file and images are stored here: %RELOADINGSTUDIO%/userData

Application data.

Where is my application licence file?

Your software licence file (valid for your computer only) is stored here: %RELOADINGSTUDIO%/KeyFile.cr

Application licence file.

Can I change default application data directory?


To change the default application data directory, simply change the Data Directory value in the configuration section of the application.

Data directory setting.

Can I tinker with my data manually?

In short - yes. A slightly longer answer is, it depends how technical you are. The main database file is a plain-text SQLite database. You will need to know SQL and how to use an SQLite database editor software. Other than that, all you need to do is open this file using your preferred SQLite database editor (I use free SQLiteStudio for Mac, but you could even use a free SQLite editor plugin for FireFox; or SQLite Manager plugin for Chrome) and you are ready to go.

Application load data - SQLite database.

Step 1

Exit the application.

Step 2

Make two backup copies of your original 'ReloadingStudio.db’ file (just in case you delete one by accident, happened before...).

Step 3

Open the original file in SQLiite database editor.

Step 4

Make your changes in SQLiite database editor.

Step 5

If required, save/commit your changes in SQLiite database editor.

Step 6

Open Reloading Studio app and if you were successful you will see your changes being reflected in the application.

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Reloading should be fun! Reloading software must be easy! Reloading Studio enables you to record, track and manage your entire reloading process, so you can do the fun parts!

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