Understanding the Batch field

Batch field.

This field is used by many components and provides an essential link between a component and another component. For example, between a cartridge and gun powder used.

A batch is essentially a nickname for a component that you defining. In similar way to ‘rifle name’.

You may have more than one identical powder in identical bottle. The ‘batch’ field help you differentiate between them. For example, you may purchased some AR2208 (Varget) today and you may still have some from a year ago. While the batch name could be anything, it’s a good idea to be descriptive. In this case, I would name these batches of powder:

  • AR2208-Jul-2017-500gm; and
  • AR2208-Jul-2018-4kg.

Using this convention, I would immediately know what batch of powder I am using. Similarly, this extends to primers, bullets, cases, etc.

For example, I may be using some bullets and I need to re-stock. I am going to by identical bullets, in identical box, in the same quanta as before with identical product number. While a detailed inspection of the inventory item may show you some nuanced difference, like purchase date, maybe a different shop or a different price… A better way to mange this is to give all of your components concise and unique batch names.

In this example, I would name my batches using bullet properties and dates (Sierra 30 caliber TMK 168 grain bullets

  • sierra-30tmk168-jul2016; and
  • sierra-30tmk168-dec2017.

The Batch field will automatically generat a batch name. However users are strongly encouraged to change it to something meaningful, that makes sense to you.

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