Make online backups

This article describes how to make online backup copy of your Reloading Studio application data.

Creating destination directory

Step 1: save data

Save all unsaved data.

Note, that at this stage we do not exit from the application.

Step 2: make manual backup of your data

See: Make manual backup.

This is not required, but very strongly recommended. Regardless of the application, whenever you are working with live data it’s a very good practice to make a backup copy first.

Step 3: setup Google Backup and Sync, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive

To make an online copy of the application data, you first need to make use of online/cloud storage services. For example Google Backup and Sync, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive.

Installing and using this tools is out of scope for this article, however you will need one of these tools installed, configured and functioning correctly.

Step 4: Create destination directory

Under your main cloud storage directory (e.g. C:\Dropbox) create a dedicated directory for your Reloading studio data.

In this example we will name this directory: ‘reloading_studio_online_data’. Do not manually copy this data to new directory.

Step 5: change application configuration

After we’ve create a new data storage directory ‘reloading_studio_online_data’, we can now change the data directory form the application’s configuration screen:

Data directory configuration screen.
Step 6: save changes

Click the save button to let the application know that the data directory has been changed. After you click the ‘Save’ button, Reloading Studio will automatically move all of your load data to a new ‘reloading_studio_online_data’ directory.

Step 6: restart the application

While not required, we recommend that you exit and then restart the application.

Congratulations, you are done!

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