Workflow overview diagram

I was discussing a feature with one of the Reloading Studio users and I thought that some people may find it useful to visualise an overall workflow within Reloading Studio app, so I drew one...

To get the most benefit from Reloading Studio app, it’s important to (a) add as much information as you can. You don’t have to and the application doesn’t force you to, but in the long run it’s very beneficial. And (b) create relationships between your components. For example, if you have a batch of fire formed cases. You would document the batch in cases and then link cases to a specific firearm in your inventory to establish a relationship between ‘this batch of brass’ and a specific firearm they have been shot in. The same goes for scopes, etc. In fact, if you prime your cases in advance, you can link a batch of cases to a firearm and the batch of primers that you used.

Now, with overview and explanations out of the way, behold my modern artwork masterpiece.

Reloading Studio Workflow Overview Diagram

Workflow overview.

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