Add Rifles

This screen adds rifles to rifle inventory.

Add Rifle screen.
Rifle name (important)

This is a short name you are going to give to your firearm. No, not like that! This name will appear in other screens. It’s a link between this record (the firearm) in your inventory and other screens that will link to it. For example, when a firearm is linked to ammunition or sighting systems (e.g. scope, red dot, etc.).

The name can be anything, Lucy, George, Bubba the Zombie Slayer. However I suggest giving this record a short, concise and meaningful name that you will immediately recognise on other screens. For example, ‘range-6.5’ or ‘hunting 308’.

Hide in dev

The ‘hide in dev’ feature enables users to catalogue and keep track of available firearms. However, prevent them from showing in the ‘Cartridge Development’ (hence the name: hide in dev) screen. For example, it may be that you would like to track a 22LR firearm or just a gun that you don’t load for.

Sighting Systems

This field lets you assign a sighting system to your firearm, from available sighting systems in the dropdown list.

If the sighting systems doesn’t exist, then you can add it by clicking the “add new…” button next to the field. This will open a new tab with sighting systems inventory. You can add a new scope and then navigate back to your original tab to select and assign it to a firearm.

MAX OAL (useful)

While this field is not required, it is useful over the lifetime of your rifle, to track throat erosion.

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