Random thought of the day…

I’ve heard a discussion about reloading vs handloading, which resinated, because I sometimes make that distinction too.

So what is it and is there really a difference or is it just a different starting point?

One could say that there is a nuance between reloading and handloading. I think there is, however, they are not mutually exclusive and resemble a starting point, rather than the outcome or the entire process.

The distinction is that handloading is to do something better or make something that cannot be bought. For example, tune ammunition to your rifle, rather than buying ammunition that is the lowest common denominator for all rifles. Or make obsolete cartridge that doesn’t exist.

Reloading is to do something cheaper, not worse or better, the focus is on cheaper (which handloading doesn’t always guarantee). Recycle, reuse, that sort of thing.

For example, a long range shooter may chose to handload for better consistency, while a handgun shooter just wants a lot of good cheap ammo.

I tend to think that these are redundant  definitions and exclusive. For example, I do both, depending on the firearm.  And I think that most people (myself included) start with reloading and end up tuning ammo to firearms (handloading), as their knowledge and process matures with experience.

So, perhaps,  the starting use case may be different, however, the process always ends up converging.

Thoughts? Discuss?