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Cartridge Development (Load Recipes) Tutorials

Bunch of new tutorials on all things load recipes/cartridge development are now online.

Cartridge Development

I’ve just uploaded a bunch of tutorials (playlist), beyond basic component usage modules. In these tutorials we dive into the application’s full potential and start building cartridge development (or load data) recipes.

This six part series covers beginner and advanced topics on building load development recipes in Reloading Studio. Including:

  • Adding a new load recipe.
  • Marking a recipe as fired and adding performance data.
  • Establishing relationships between load recipes and reloading components (cases, powder, primers, projectiles, firearms).
  • Understanding user interface controls, such as archiving, locking, creating a load recipe template, etc.
  • Understanding deletion and implication on components.
  • And many more topics…

Playlist can be found here…