Quick review of Paul Clean rifle cleaning patches

rifle cleaning patches

Quick review of Paul Clean rifle cleaning patches

Decided to try new cleaning patches. Not so much because your garden variety is not doing the job, but, just because…

In my latest money wastage visit to my LGS, I noticed something different… This new (well, new to me) patches, that came in a convenient roll and claimed to be usable in most calibers. One patch to rule them all!

I thought to myself, why not, give them a go, see how they go.

New rifle cleaning patches

rifle cleaning patches



Mine came in a roll of 500 for $30. That’s around 6c per patch. Compared to 4c for what I usually pay for a more traditional one…

rifle cleaning patches

rifle cleaning patches

The 0.02c doesn’t seem like much, but if you have bunch of rifles, all in .22 to .50 caliber range, that’s $10 difference per pack of 500. And that’s with me ordering the ‘traditional’ patches online and paying shipping. Considering that this is a disposable cleaning product, I really don’t want to spend more than I absolutely have to on it, but are they worth it?


I can’t really say that I have noticed much of a difference in terms of how much material the patch collects or how efficient they are to justify the price.

In a round about way, there’s a claim that they deliver better performance due to increased surface area, but that has noting to do with the patch and everything to do with using the right jag.

In terms of cleaning, I have used both on dirty bores, with like for like comparison and they seem to come out about the same shade of crap.

cleaning patches compared


On convenience. This is the one thing that got me, in a negative way. You’d think that having one set of patches for everything is great; and it is… But imagine for a moment, there you are cleaning and lubricating your beloved, hands soaked in solvents and oils (sounds rather sensual). You run the patch through the bore and reach for the next one… And that’s where I hit a snag.

Typically, I have a small batch of cleaning patches in a ziplock bag, I take a few out, and pick one up as needed. However, this cleaning patches come on a roll. You literally need two hands to hold the roll and peel the patch from paper. Not very ergonomic so to speak, but also could get messy and having dirty hands, you stand  much higher chance of contaminating other patches on the roll. It’s noticeably easier to pick up my ‘usual, normal’ patch, than to strip one off the roll.


Not for me.



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